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The dream

Try and decipher the message I have been meaning to share through this.

I hope it makes u realise that we are missing the best part of Mother Earth coz of our greed.


12 responses to “The dream”


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    1. Thanks but try to give more attention to the hidden message .


  2. Heart touching 💓


    1. Please understand the meaning


  3. Peace can be gone easily…


  4. I really Cud not decipher the message😅but after reading it for 3 times I think it was a dream in which I was in heaven so comfortable and pleasing under God’s arm(nature) and for the first time our mind rested in peace bcoz of the relief we got from “MOH MAYA” of earthly things.

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    1. It’s about mother nature …the immense potential she possesses that can give us the much needed peace and remedy for almost everything ….so iam really poor at reaching out to my audience huh 😔


      1. 😅🤗😅 NO NO that’s me who is bad: in this work
        🙄actually the line”then I open my eyes and it was gone” I thought was just a dream

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  5. Of course it was a dream ….it can only be a dream coz in reality it’s not possible until we work hard to replenish nature again … currently it is in a terrible condition coz of our exploitation ….agar abundant hota tho earth ek fairy land hota


    1. Thickheaded me🤪 really!!
      Awesome jeena keep writing and now m also following u so I will be notified everytime u writes 🥰

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