Best things to do when you’re sad:-

“The best way to destress is to talk to people around you”. I have heard this thing my whole life but couldn’t apply it,hello!! that’s an extreme introvert,If you find difficulty in sharing to the people around you( like me,ahha iam totally not proud of it,but u know things are things for a reason except we dont know the reasons) …… Anyway,let’s get the ball rollin!!! Hope it helps you…

1. Read the Bible

The Bible contains the word of God that has the power to sway your mind from the gloomy thoughts. The verses would definitely help you get through the toughest times,if you believe in its power and immerse yourself in it.You would get this unexplainable peace and security ,I guarantee.I’ll help you pick some verses to go with in my next post.

2. Spend time with the nature

Nature is the best therapy to everything,do you agree? It has the ability to soothe our mind in the most profound way …Next time you feel sad.. walk through your Garden and try speaking to the plants and flowers….it will give you a sense of relief and stillness.

3. Listen to good music

Well, don’t be one of those fools who starts listening to depressing songs in hard times and then starts whining that even the song is not on her side!!!.Yes,I’ve seen people going for the wrong songs and completely aggravating the situation….choose songs that would impact you positively and give you some real remedy. My favourite is “You’re not alone ” by Michael Jackson. Check it out,it’s a great song( great plus encouraging,uh oh of course an encouraging song is great). ok so here’s a different option,why don’t u try to make your own uplifting music and listen to it …I mean wouldn’t it be fun ?

4. Write

Well,well … Hey there,this is my favourite part ….. nothing can compare to the immense relief one gets after putting down the bulk out of one’s mind,even if in the smallest piece of paper. This is very helpful, specifically, if you are not an outgoing person but needs detoxifying often. I personally,have been sticking with it since I was a child …yup yup,I am an extreme introvert( hey,I thought I’ve told you in the intro) and iam really glad I found writing long time ago … Oh wait! Did your mind just say you are not good at it and blah blah? …well I hope you know,you’re not writing an article to be published out into the world ,you would probably be using a personal diary,right? Please find out why a personal diary is called a personal diary.No No, it’s not a joke,you really should find out and meditate on the answer,it would give you something beneficial perhaps.I have seen many of my friends,keeping stuffs all inside …they don’t share or write it down ….man!! Is your brain a machine or what?????? Please understand it has its capacity and you need to keep releasing the old info in order to make room for the new ones ….don’t let it become a volcano …..coz when a volcano erupts it affects the sorroundings as well …you probably don’t want to hurt your loved ones because of your issues right? ….so step it up bruh ….and write it outttttt.

5.Speak to your God

In short,Pray. Prayer is a communication to God. You tell him what’s going on in your life and what you would like him to do for you and the best part is, he actually does it for you,if you have a great faith😊 .This is the perfect option if you wanna share it and get the feeling that someone is actually listening to you ….so yay! He is always listening to you …keep praying.

6. Watch a comedy show

This is a short term anti- sadness pill I would say ….I have tried it at times and guess guess what my favourite show is ? Yup,the legendary show “Friends”. It works so well for me,like it soaks all of my sadness when iam watching it…if you would like to suggest me your favourite comedy shows,I’ll be glad to know!!

7. Grab a chocolate

I can see your evil smile. At last you found a valid( it should be coz it’s a matter of your mental state hehe) excuse to force your Mom to buy chocolates for you … overlooking the cavities that every Mom fears😁. It is known to alleviate the mood( works for me as well).A research showed that people who are in depression tend to consume more chocolate . Although,I think it would work kinda like the placebo effect….Try it and if it works for you, well! keep grabbin it ….

8. Share memes on social media

I don’t know if it really works but my best friend says so ….just included it because who knows🤷, it might be a new way to destress hehehe …I don’t recommend it because I feel we are too much dependent on social media in today’s world. Probably that is one of the reason,me and you( hehe), don’t like to communicate with real humans…I personally hate memes( pssst… please keep it a secret,my best friend would totally lash out on me for this coz she is a chronic memes lover.

So so so ….please keep sharing in your own way and release it!! …Don’t let the volcano erupt coz my home might be near to yours!!😉

In the midst of darkness, there’s always a light waiting , you only have to look,find and embrace it.

Being someone who had to go through a lot of struggles and dark periods ,I very much understand if you feel like your world is collapsing yet you cant do anything about it… you feel hopeless and there’s numbness in a part of your heart telling you to give up ….but please allow me to try to bring out that part of your heart that says you gotta stay,this is not the final chapter and not worth giving in for.

Hey,do you like superhero movies? Iam sure you know the very famous Iron man ….you must have noticed in those movies that the bunch of superheroes that save the world are pretty much what makes them so strong to be able to do the saving thing? …If your mind was directing you towards the suits and stuffs…you are partly correct…..but it’s far more than the suits and the objects etc….it’s more about the emotional part,i.e the desire to defend the people,the feeling of responsibility and the love for the innocent civilians that drives them to fight the greatest villians… a nutshell it’s the hope that makes them think they can conquer the mightiest challenges,the hope they have within themselves and acquire from the people………..this is nothing different than what we experience in real life..your family,friends, colleagues,staff.and people around you,…see the same hope in you …a light that they might have failed to ignite within themselves…. a light that would save them in their darkest times,a light that manifest love when they run out of it….they see you as a torch bearer of so many good things….and they would love and support you with the brightest smile……all you need to do is to embrace the love coming your way and give your heart a push ..and convince it that you are the strongest person you’ve ever came across and there’s an abundance of light within you which has the ability burn the darkness to ashes….sharpen your heart and mind with the problems and make it the fiercest……you can eventually make the darkness regret the encounter with your heart 😎 ….”.the strongest mind are created on conquering the biggest problems”….find it within you today and never think of giving up ….iam sure there must have been times you wanted to be like one of those superheroes but eventually discarded the thought unknowingly…,here is your chance to change your world and the outside world and become the superhero of your life and the lives of people around you.

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